Wednesday, 29/11/2017



Lecture-play-experience: Formats, media, library catalogs.


  • Svantje Busshoff (pianola), Puntaires del Poble Sec (bobbin lace) & Branislav Grbic (violin)
  • Ferran Besalduch (sax) & Ilona Schneider (soprano) present Spoon River.
  • Snack.

Free entry

##Location: Biblioteca de Catalunya. Carrer de l’Hospital, 56. Barcelona.

Svantje Busshoff has as a painter been investigating the appearance of void and emptiness in contrast to being, objects and structures. She works on used and patterned fabrics, manipulating the structure of different textiles and employing laces as a stencil for drawings. She is deliberately searching for a way to make nothingness visible, by deconstructing and at the same time observing the smallest components of which structure is made of. In the world of sound emptiness is silence. And yet, here we find an emptiness that creates sound: the punched hole of the pianola score roll. In 2010 she started to work on a series of experimental music pieces for the pianola, whose composition is based on visual structures of her daily surrounding. The pianola is used as a translator/converter between sound and visual codes and makes music out of little visual details that are usually overseen because of their insignificance.

From the extensive musical activity by violinist Branislav Grbic certainly stands out his participation in numerous Symphonic orchestras, Chamber Orchestras and teaching at several Music Schools in Catalonia. He has also collaborated with internationally celebrated artists such as Sara Montiel, Goran Bregovic and Rebecca Horn, among others. As the frontman of his band Los Moussakis he has been performing in theatres and prestigious concert halls throughout all the Spanish territory. His educative musical Los Moussakis - music of the Balcanic world inside a suitcase produced in cooperation with Fundación LaCaixa enthused already not less than 200.000 children and teenagers in over 500 performances during the last 10 years.

** Anki Toner ** is a musician, commentator, collector and scholar of the dark side of the relationship between music and intellectual property. Director of the record label Hazard Records since 1998, was the vocalist and visible face of Superelvis (1986-1998). Later Toner has been half of Ankitoner Metamars (2006-2009) next to Javier Piñango and has joined forces with Anton Ignorant on The Ignotoner (2011). Since 2005, he has been working on exploring the limits of reason in music with the project File Under Toner. In 2015 he presented Anki Toner Reunion Tour, a project with which he recovered his role as singer and harmonica player, a theatrical review of his career. He has written books about music. He collects and design board games. He maintains a specialized website on board games dedicated to cycling.

Margarida Ullate

The voice of soprano Ilona Schneider mixes with the sonorities of saxophones by Ferran Besalduch, using a selection of female characters from the texts of the Anthology of Spoon River, the classic American writer’s literature Edgar Lee Masters. The Anthology is the poetic chronicle of an imaginary city, Spoon River, written in the niches of its also imaginary cemetery. They are the dead, through their epitaphs, who tell us about their own history in the light of their professions, positions or professions they performed or what their daily life was. Each epitaph, a poem, a small chronicle, a story, a piece of life with those who see it and saxons play, experiment and transform through musical improvisations.


Friday, 1/12/2017


  • Angel di Stefano (AR) Interactive kinetic sound and visual installation.

Free entry


Admission: 8€

Location: Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí. Carrer del Comerç, 36. Barcelona.

** Pep Pasqual ** play saxos, clarinet, gralla, flutes and flabiol, He is also a composer, music producer and arranger. In addition, the two have been involved in numerous groups, singers and theater companies collaborating in performances, recordings and composition of music. (Moisés Moisés, La Vieja Dixieland, Comediants, Pascal Comelade, Els Pets, Lax & Busto …) During these years they have combined this intense musical activity with the educational activity, in the form of listening sessions and workshops for schoolchildren, courses for Teachers or proposals by the family audience, like the ones that are dedicated today to us.

Agnès Pe works in sound beyond the limits defined by any musical genre. Her work is characterised by an attitude of overwhelming fun, covering the parameters of lo-fi music and plunderphonics, always looking for new ways to relate to the elements she recomposes through atonality, altered melodies and screeching textures. Speedy classical, eurodancesymphony, melody punch, black-midi, happy slapped, terminal punk, humpatech, crossover thrash, non gender, mid-techno, hardlaptop and Powermid are some of the labels that could somehow help define her music.


Saturday, 2/12/2017


Non-logic Cinema (the art of framed light and music)

  • Florenci Salesas (music) & Jesús Brotons (voice): 2001, Space Odissey (projector slides version)
  • Non-logic film program

Free Entry

Location: Centre Cívic Pati Llimona. Carrer del Regomir, 3. Barcelona.

2/12/2017, 21:30-3:30h

Admission: 10/12€

Location: BeGood. Sancho de Ávila, 78. Barcelona.

Florenci Salesas has deployed his creativity in diverse artistic fields such as cartoons, literature, theatre and illustration. As an unorthodox multi-instrumentalist, he has composed soundtracks for silent movies and theatrical shows, and collaborates frequently in the creation of background music for poetry recitals, with acoustic and/or electronic instruments. In the early 80’s he was a member of Etnia, a group which defied classification and experimented with electronics, humour and terror. With Eli Gras, he is part of the electropop dada duet Motor Combo, with whom he toured their CD Polo around Europe, in 2012. In addition to his musical projects, Florenci is a prolific writer, his work ranging from autobiographies of famous figures (for children) to theatre and film scripts. His most recent achievement, published by Valencian publisher 3i4, is Matar ningú, his first novel in Catalan.

That Crooner from Nowhere is one of multiple projects of self-taught musician Al Da Tosta, fulltime fan of music, netlabelist, expert plagiarist and founder of Mastertoaster Recordings. This project is heavily inspired in acapella music, beatboxing and overdubbing techiques but also opened to vocal sampling and the use of electronics as a vehicle to this vocal madness. The result is in fact a supercinematic nightmare where you can find references to different styles: electronica, industrial, lounge, funk, pop, metal, noise…

Julien Deblois aka **Debmaster is a 34 years old “experienced berliner producer” who plays wild electronic music between slow rap to footwork to 8bit & punk noisy synths. After 6 albums and eps (last one with on Karl Marx Stadt label), remixes (Patric Catani, Blackbird, CVE), productions (Thavius Beck, Riddlore) he still doesn’t understand where he is going but he is going stronger with more new projects, new collaborations and new shows.

Silnaye is musically free and unclassifiable, by composing is extremely radical and abstract, the same happens when she writes her lyrics. Her live sets are always different and unexpected, they can oscillate between icy punk, pure noise or her interpretation of the 8bit music, always mixed with contingents techno- hard, acid bases, and her voice. Silnaye presents her album Sirenas Willkommen published by La Olla Express in Nonologic, to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the festival and her 40 years.

Guido Möbius creates delicate links between experimentation, handmade techno, funk, polyrhythmic patterns, acid, weird noises and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into a coherent set, Möbius deals with the energy on the fly. Failures and restarts are constant companions and sources of inspiration. At times, Möbius piles up loops of vocal-, trumpet- or guitar-sounds into a mighty drone whose gravity is interrupted abruptly by a driving beat or a gospel choir. It’s different every time.

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